Condemned as a Witch: Forced by the Farmers

Condemned as a Witch: Forced by the Farmers

The condemned witch is given to the local farmers...

Condemned as a witch and blamed for the harvest failure, the village herbalist is dragged into the town square to face the angry farmers. Bound in front of them with her legs spread, she finds herself at the mercy of a crowd of men eager to give the "witch" what they think she deserves, as they take their pleasure from her over and over.

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About the Book

Condemned as a witch when the local farmers need a scapegoat to blame for the harvest failure, Vera expects to be handed over to the Inquisition. Instead, the constable decides the farmers deserve some recompense first.

Bound in the town square, legs spread for whoever wants her, Vera finds herself at the mercy of a crowd of men who are only too eager to give the witch what they think she deserves… and use her for their own pleasure in the process.

Condemned as a Witch: Gangbanged by the Guards is a work of taboo erotica featuring nonconsensual gangbangs and bondage.

Series: Condemned as a Witch
Genre: Erotica
Length: 3657 words
List Price: 2.99
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About the Author
Mira Hunt

Mira breaks up the mundane nature of daily life by imagining dark erotic fantasies. One day, it occurred to her that she could put pen to paper and bring those same fantasies to life for other readers to enjoy. Now she writes dark erotica for the pleasure of herself and others.

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